Properties of adjusting rings DIN 2250 – C

  • Adjusting rings made of gauge steel, hardened, relaxed, ground
  • Inscribed with actual dimension
  • Bore tolerance: JS3 – Rz 2
  • from ø 315 similar to DIN 2250 – Form C

Use of the

  • Setting and testing of measuring instruments


  • Intermediate sizes and other tolerances
  • works calibration certificate
  • storage boxes

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Adjusting ring DIN 2250 - C
Adjusting ring DIN 2250 - C
Nominal dimension (JS3) Order number
from ø 170 mm A01.0170.000
from ø 180 mm A01.0180.000
from ø 190 mm A01.0190.000
from ø 200 mm A01.0200.000
from ø 210 mm A01.0210.000
from ø 220 mm A01.0220.000
from ø 230 mm A01.0230.000
from ø 240 mm A01.0240.000
from ø 250 mm A01.0250.000
from ø 260 mm A01.0260.000
from ø 270 mm A01.0270.000
from ø 280 mm A01.0280.000
from ø 290 mm A01.0290.000
from ø 300 mm A01.0300.000
from ø 310 mm A01.0310.000
from ø 320 mm A01.0320.000
from ø 330 mm A01.0330.000
from ø 340 mm A01.0340.000
from ø 350 mm A01.0350.000
from ø 370 mm A01.0370.000
from ø 390 mm A01.0390.000
from ø 410 mm A01.0410.000
from ø 430 mm A01.0430.000
from ø 450 mm A01.0450.000
from ø 470 mm A01.0470.000
Nominal dimension (JS3) Order number
from ø 490 mm A01.0490.000
from ø 510 mm A01.0510.000
from ø 530 mm A01.0530.000
from ø 550 mm A01.0550.000
from ø 570 mm A01.0570.000
from ø 590 mm A01.0590.000
from ø 610 mm A01.0610.000
from ø 630 mm A01.0630.000
from ø 650 mm A01.0650.000
from ø 670 mm A01.0670.000
from ø 690 mm A01.0690.000
from ø 710 mm A01.0710.000
from ø 730 mm A01.0730.000
from ø 750 mm A01.0750.000
from ø 775 mm A01.0775.000
from ø 800 mm A01.0800.000
from ø 825 mm A01.0825.000
from ø 850 mm A01.0850.000
from ø 875 mm A01.0875.000
from ø 900 mm A01.0900.000
from ø 925 mm A01.0925.000
from ø 950 mm A01.0950.000
from ø 975 mm A01.0975.000
from ø 1000 mm A01.1000.000
over ø 1000 mm by request